Despite the rapid growth of Internet penetration, more people around the world remain offline than those who are connected. Here are four categories of how consumer behavior and perceptions are an impediment to more of the world’s population coming online.


Hacking is the new marketing

Sometimes a company’s best course is to “hack” its way to a marketing transformation. Here’s a checklist of the elements needed to make the method work.


Marketing disruption: Five blind spots on the road to marketing's potential

Marketing has the best view of customer engagement to drive enterprises forward, but a new McKinsey survey reveals there are still roadblocks impeding its full, effective transformation. Fortunately, there are ways around them.


Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

More than 60 percent of the world’s population remains offline. Without removing crucial deterrents to Internet adoption, little will change—and more than 4 billion people may be left behind.

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