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Consumer & Shopper Insights

Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies have been slow to adopt digitization. Here are five reasons they should get moving.


The new financial normal: Taking the pulse of the cautious American consumer

For many consumers, the 2008-2012 recession isn't over yet.


How to get the most from big data

Organizations need specialists, or “translators,” who can analyze, distill, and clearly communicate information of the greatest potential value.


How leading retailers turn insights into profits

By embedding consumer insights into their merchandising processes, retailers can boost both same-store sales and profitability.


Winning the research revolution – Take two

The answer to gaining insights to make consumers happy is learning to fuse old techniques with new ones.


Busting mobile-shopping myths

What do mobile shoppers really want? Less than many retailers think.


America the frugal: Mapping the current consumer economic sentiment

Americans sense the economy isn’t getting worse. Unfortunately, they also don’t think it’s improving.