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Consumer & Shopper Insights

Effective pricing of over-the-counter products can give companies a significant advantage


The opportunity in online luxury fashion

With global online sales for women’s luxury fashion expected to surge, here’s what consumers in the U.S., UK and Germany want from their digital experience.


Irrational consumption: How consumers really make decisions

An upcoming behavioral economics summit addresses ways companies can build stronger relationships with their customers.


Mapping the mindset of Brazil’s not-so-new middle class consumers

After a decade of rampant spending, the middle class has matured. Will they continue spending?


A digital prescription for pharma companies

Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies have been slow to adopt digitization. Here are five reasons they should get moving.


The new financial normal: Taking the pulse of the cautious American consumer

For many consumers, the 2008-2012 recession isn't over yet.


How to get the most from big data

Organizations need specialists, or “translators,” who can analyze, distill, and clearly communicate information of the greatest potential value.