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Consumer & Shopper Insights

For most luxury CEOs in Japan, the luxury market is not merely back – it is among the world’s healthiest.


The glittering power of cities for luxury growth

A unique roadmap for how luxury companies should understand and approach global growth opportunities


Healthcare’s digital future

What do patients really want when it comes to digital healthcare? Five myths from our international survey.


Meeting the innovation imperative: How large defenders can go on the attack

As they consider how best to defend "their very lives" and also go on the attack in the decade ahead, established industry leaders need to be clear-eyed about what they should not be attempting.


Winning today’s globe hopping and shopping Chinese luxury consumers

Chinese travelers are the globe’s biggest and most dynamic luxury market opportunity. Here’s what you need to understand about these consumers.


Brazil’s path to inclusive growth

Having successfully lifted millions out of extreme poverty, Brazil must now deliver on the promise of a middle-class life.


How long will live TV live? New formats and traditional viewing in Brazil

Although live TV still represents the most significant part of the Brazilian video diet, it does not represent the majority anymore.