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Topic: Big data


Big Data help wanted (badly): How to win the war for talent

Finding analysts with the skill to unlock the potential of Big Data requires an innovative strategy to recruit, retain and inspire them.


Views from the front lines of the data-analytics revolution

Data-analytics leaders brainstorm on solutions to vexing privacy, talent, organizational, and frontline-adoption challenges.


How good is your Big Data intelligence?

Do you know as much about Big Data as it knows about you?


Quality & relevance: The twin keys to digital growth

McKinsey partner David Edelman spoke at the ANA about how companies can get more returns from their digital investments.


Mobile must migrate: Digital as an imperative, not an option

Rapidly shifting frontiers make the route to digital transformation challenging. Fortunately, there’s a roadmap.


Interview: The future of marketing measurement

At the BRITE '14 conference, McKinsey's Liz Harrison spoke about the metrics that actually make sense of the data.