Is Certified Mobile Notary Service Legit

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Based on thorough research, Certified Mobile Notary Service is unquestionably legitimate. Customer satisfaction, industry recognition, and their certification emphasize their credibility. With transparent practices and adherence to industry standards, they have built a solid reputation in the notary field. You may find further insights into their services and operations by exploring the details provided.

Key Takeaways

  • Legitimate business entity registered in California.
  • Compliance with state regulations and industry standards.
  • Positive customer satisfaction feedback and certification.
  • Transparent business practices and commitment to accountability.
  • Established reputation in the notary field.

Company Background


Certified Mobile Notary Service, a reputable company in the notary industry, has established itself as a reliable provider of all-encompassing notary solutions.

The company offers training webinars and certifications to assist individuals in becoming proficient notaries. Additionally, they provide a Business Directory Listing Service and essential notary supplies like seal stamps and journals.

Customers can benefit from job-boosting services such as Premier Job Boosting, Notary Go Plus Job Booster, and Notary Go Job Booster. With a claim of collaborating with over 120 escrow/lenders in Texas, Certified Mobile Notary Service also aids in mobile notary signing agent job platforms and offers support with notary licensing, training, insurance, and bonds.

The company’s all-embracing services cater to various notary needs, making them a valuable asset in the industry.

Service Offerings

Having covered the Company Background of this reputable notary service provider, it’s important to now explore their wide range of Service Offerings.

Certified Mobile Notary Service offers extensive packages catering to various notary needs. They provide Notary Certification Kits starting at $629, which include essential tools like Notary Logbook, Notary Stamp, and access to a Mobile Notary Signing Agent Job Platform. Job boosting services like Premier Job Boosting Service for existing notaries at $449 and other options are available to enhance job opportunities.

Customers can also benefit from Notary Association Club Memberships, Mobile Notary Signing Agent Background Checks, and access to notary supplies. Additionally, the company offers notary advertising and marketing services to help expand notaries’ client base.

I’d recommend Certified Mobile for anyone looking to enter the mobile notary field.

Certification Standards

When working hard to meet notary certification standards, individuals must navigate through a series of state-specific requirements, encompassing training, examination, bonding, and insurance acquisition. Ensuring adherence to these standards is vital for becoming a loan signing agent and performing notary signings effectively.

Certified Mobile Notary Service stands out by offering training webinars, certifications, and background checks to assist aspiring notaries in meeting these rigorous certification standards. By obtaining a notary bond and errors and omissions insurance, notaries can protect themselves and the parties involved in loan signings.

It’s essential to contact reputable services like Certified Mobile Notary Service, read reviews, and follow Notary Service Review recommendations to guarantee a smooth and secure notary certification process.

Customer Testimonials

Traversing through the certification standards successfully, one can uncover valuable insights from customer testimonials about the services provided by Certified Mobile Notary Service. Customer testimonials highlight the following key aspects:

  1. Prompt Payment: Customers have reported positive experiences with on-time payment.
  2. Clear Communication: Feedback indicates satisfaction with the clarity of communication from Certified Mobile Notary Service.
  3. Professionalism and Efficiency: Notary Signing Agents praise the company for its professional and efficient handling of assignments.
  4. Reliable and Trustworthy Services: Customers express contentment with the reliable and trustworthy services offered by Certified Mobile Notary Service.

These testimonials emphasize the ease of communication and the importance of on-time payment in ensuring customer satisfaction with the company.

Professionalism and Expertise

Asserting the professionalism and expertise of Certified Mobile Notary Service requires a closer examination of its operational practices and interactions with clients. The company has faced criticism for lacking transparency and issues with delivering services as promised. Customer reviews have highlighted concerns about outdated job listings, difficulties in obtaining refunds, and uncertainties regarding the legitimacy of job postings.

While complaints have been raised, Certified Mobile Notary Service denies scam allegations and emphasizes its updated job listing services. The mixed feedback from users raises questions about the overall professionalism and expertise of the company. Ensuring transparency in job postings and addressing customer complaints promptly are essential steps for Certified Mobile Notary Service to enhance its reputation and build trust with clients.

Mobile Notary Process

In facilitating document notarization, Certified Mobile Notary Service offers a convenient mobile notary process for clients.

  1. Mobile notary services provided at a location of the client’s choice.
  2. Certified notary public travels to witness document signing.
  3. Guarantees authenticity of signatures, preventing fraud in legal documents.
  4. Offers flexibility and convenience by allowing clients to schedule appointments without visiting a traditional notary office.

This valuable service caters to individuals and businesses seeking a secure way to authenticate important documents while providing the convenience of notarization at a preferred location.

Mobile notary services play an essential role in ensuring the safety and legitimacy of legal transactions.

Notarization Accuracy

To guarantee the utmost precision in notarization, Certified Mobile Notary Service meticulously follows state-specific guidelines and requirements. Notaries undergo thorough training and certification to ensure accurate notarizations for various documents.

Precision is paramount to prevent fraud, maintain legality, and safeguard all involved parties. Notary agents diligently verify the identity of signers, confirm their willingness to sign, and validate the authenticity of the document.

Strict adherence to notarial procedures, including meticulous record-keeping, is essential to uphold the integrity and precision of the notarization process. Certified Mobile Notary Services prioritize precision through a commitment to following established protocols and guidelines, ultimately aiming to provide a secure and reliable notarization service for clients.

Legal Compliance

Moving from the focus on notarization accuracy, the legal compliance of Certified Mobile Notary Service is underpinned by its registration as a legitimate business entity in California. The company operates in alignment with the California Business and Professions Code, ensuring adherence to state regulations. This compliance guarantees transparency and accountability in all notary services provided. Customers can verify the company’s legal standing and commitment to industry standards, offering them assurance of the company’s dedication to following the law and upholding ethical practices.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with Certified Mobile Notary Service is consistently reported as high, with positive reviews highlighting prompt payment, clear communication, friendly service, and job flexibility offered by the company. The dedication exhibited by the service contributes to a reliable and trustworthy experience for customers.

Users appreciate the quick payment process and the opportunities for income that the service provides. The clear instructions and communication channels further enhance the overall customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to efficient processes and friendly service has resulted in a positive reputation among users.

This level of satisfaction indicates that Certified Mobile Notary Service values its customers and aims to meet their needs effectively, ensuring a secure and satisfactory experience for all involved.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Considering the positive customer satisfaction feedback and the legitimacy of Certified Mobile Notary Service, it’s evident that drawing a conclusive assessment and providing informed recommendations is essential at this juncture.

Based on the facts presented, I’d recommend this company for individuals seeking opportunities in the notary field due to their prompt payment practices and professional interactions. The flexibility in working hours and the support provided in developing one’s notary business make it a great company to work with.

Is Certified Mobile Notary Service also approved by Bobby?

The Certified Mobile Notary Service is recognized for its bobby approved legitimacy. With a team of qualified notaries, they provide reliable and efficient notarization services. Clients can trust that their documents will be handled with integrity and professionalism, ensuring their legality and validity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a Mobile Notary in Texas?

To become a mobile notary in Texas, I must meet specific requirements, including training, passing an exam, obtaining a surety bond, and applying to the Secretary of State. Once approved, I can perform notarial acts statewide.


To sum up, Certified Mobile Notary Service has proven to be a legitimate and reliable option for notarization needs. Their certification standards, professionalism, and accuracy in notarization make them a trustworthy choice for customers.

With positive customer testimonials and a commitment to legal compliance, they've demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction.

Overall, I'd recommend Certified Mobile Notary Service for anyone in need of efficient and professional notary services.