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legitimacy of flowershopping com

After delving into customer complaints, issues like receiving incorrect items and subpar service quality raise concerns about‘s legitimacy. With a lack of BBB accreditation despite multiple locations, unresolved disputes, and low service ratings, there are potential red flags for customers. Reports of order mistakes during busy periods like Valentine’s Day add to the skepticism. Exercise caution and consider exploring the Better Business Bureau for more insights and alternative services. Remember, a deeper look can reveal vital details that may impact your decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • lacks BBB accreditation.
  • Numerous customer complaints indicate reliability issues.
  • Low service quality with wrong items and poor delivery.
  • High dissatisfaction reflected in 1.1-star rating.
  • Better Business Bureau insights recommend caution.

Customer Complaints and Negative Experiences


Customer dissatisfaction with is evident through the numerous complaints and negative experiences shared by individuals who’ve interacted with the company. Issues range from receiving the wrong items to facing delivery problems and poor service quality.

Customers have reported instances where the company refused refunds, leading to negative experiences. The quality of items delivered has also been a point of contention, with many customers expressing disappointment.

Better Business Bureau complaints and judgment exercises concerning’s marketplace practices further highlight the extent of customer dissatisfaction. These factors collectively contribute to an environment where customers have expressed significant concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of

BBB Accreditation and Location Details doesn’t hold BBB accreditation, despite operating from multiple locations, including one situated in Mission Viejo, CA.

  • Lack of BBB accreditation raises concerns about accountability.
  • Multiple locations suggest a broad reach but may impact service consistency.
  • Customer complaints about wrong items and poor service indicate potential issues.
  • Specific address in Mission Viejo: 27702 Crown Valley Pkwy, CA 92694-0608.

As a flowers company, the absence of BBB accreditation and unresolved customer disputes could pose risks for those considering flower delivery services. The location in Mission Viejo further emphasizes the need for caution, especially during peak seasons like Valentine’s Day.

Customers should be wary of ordering flowers from due to reports of never delivered items and inadequate customer service.

Review of Service Quality

Amidst the myriad reviews detailing dissatisfaction and challenges, a prevailing theme emerges regarding service quality at Customers frequently report poor service quality, especially in the areas of flower delivery and customer service.

Complaints often revolve around issues with next day delivery, local florists, unhelpful responses, delayed deliveries, and feeling ignored. Many reviewers express frustration with difficulties in getting assistance from customer service representatives and encountering unhelpful responses to their issues.

Instances of customers feeling dismissed or ignored further contribute to the overall dissatisfaction with’s service quality. These recurring problems highlight significant areas of concern for potential customers considering using the platform for their floral needs.

Potential Red Flags for Consumers

In evaluating the numerous complaints and low rating associated with, apparent warning signs emerge for potential consumers.

  • The customer service is atrocious, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction.
  • Customers have reported receiving the wrong item and the company’s failure to correct the mistake.
  • Numerous reviews suggest giving zero stars due to poor service and delivery issues.
  • Some customers have faced problems with same-day delivery, leading to frustration and disappointment.

Recommendations and Cautionary Advice

When considering online floral services, consumers should exercise caution and thoroughly research due to the concerning number of unresolved complaints and negative feedback.

The high volume of customer complaints regarding wrong items, delivery issues, and difficulties obtaining refunds raises red flags. Particularly concerning are reports of order mistakes during peak periods like Valentine’s Day, impacting special occasions.

Negative reviews and the low 1.1-star rating from 828 reviews indicate a pattern of dissatisfaction. It’s advisable to consult the Better Business Bureau for insights into’s reputation and handling of customer complaints.

Approach with caution and consider alternative flower delivery services to avoid potential disappointments and frustrations.

Is also a trustworthy and legitimate online retailer for flowers?

When considering, it’s essential to look for legitimate online retailers. You should read the legitimacy review to ensure trustworthiness. may offer beautiful blooms, but it’s vital to confirm their legitimacy before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1 800 Flowers a Reputable Company?

Yes, 1-800 Flowers is a reputable company. Customer reviews praise their quality products and excellent customer service. Their efficient delivery times, diverse product selection, and competitive pricing make them a reliable choice for floral needs.


To sum up, while has some positive aspects such as a wide selection of flowers and convenient online ordering, there are also concerns raised by customers about delivery issues and product quality.

The lack of BBB accreditation and transparency about their location adds to the uncertainty.

Consumers should proceed with caution and consider exploring other reputable florists with better reviews and track records for a more reliable shopping experience.