Is Frisbee App Legit

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After analyzing user ratings and reviews, I can confirm that the Frisbee app is legitimate. With a high rating of 4.7 from 8.2K users, positive experiences include redeeming rewards such as gift cards and cash back. Earning potential through receipt scanning and referrals adds to the app’s credibility. Although some users have mentioned occasional issues, the majority praise the app for its reliability in delivering rewards. Klover Holdings, Inc., the developer, actively enhances app functionality. To gain a deeper understanding of Frisbee’s legitimacy, explore further details about its payment methods, user experiences, and compatibility with various devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Frisbee App has a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 8.2K users.
  • Users successfully redeem rewards like gift cards and cash back.
  • Earning potential through receipt scanning and referral bonuses.
  • Developer actively works on improving the app’s functionality.
  • Positive user reviews highlight reliability in offering rewards.

User Concerns About Frisbee App Legitimacy


User concerns about the legitimacy of the Frisbee app are rooted in varying experiences and perceptions of its trustworthiness. While the app boasts a positive trust score and a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 8.2K users, mixed reviews exist regarding its reliability and earning potential.

Some users have successfully redeemed rewards and gift cards through the app, adding to its credibility. Additionally, the cash back opportunities offered provide an incentive for users to engage with the platform. However, the conflicting user reviews raise doubts about the consistency of these rewards and the actual earning potential of the app.

It’s essential for users to carefully evaluate these aspects before fully committing to utilizing the Frisbee app for financial gains.

Trustworthiness of Frisbee App

With a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 8.2K reviews, the Frisbee app demonstrates a high level of trustworthiness among its user base. Users have reported redeeming rewards such as gift cards and cash back, solidifying the app’s legitimacy in delivering on its promises.

The variety of earning methods available on the Frisbee app, including receipt scanning and referral bonuses, further enhances its trustworthiness by providing users with multiple avenues to accumulate rewards. Positive user reviews consistently highlight the app’s reliability in offering rewards and cash back opportunities.

Additionally, the developer, Klover Holdings, Inc., actively works on improving the app’s functionality, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for users to engage with.

Reviews and Ratings Analysis

In analyzing the reviews and ratings of the Frisbee app, a trend of users redeeming rewards like a $1.42 Starbucks gift card emerges, indicating a positive user experience overall. Some users express preference for Frisbee over similar apps when it comes to earning money. However, negative reviews mention issues such as losing money after cashing out and receipt rejection due to unclear total amounts. It’s essential for users to weigh these factors against the legitimacy of the app. Below is a table summarizing key aspects of the reviews and ratings for the Frisbee app:

RewardsUsers redeem $1.42 Starbucks gift cardPositive experience
Cashing OutSome report losing moneyCaution advised
User PreferencesPreference over similar apps for earningsApp satisfaction

Payment and Earning Potential

Moving from the analysis of reviews and ratings, the payment and earning potential of the Frisbee app reveals a system where users can accumulate points by scanning recent receipts from various stores. Users earn points for each valid receipt scanned, not more than two weeks old. These points can be redeemed for various options, including gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon or Walmart, as well as prepaid Visa cards.

Additionally, the app offers a referral program where successful referrals who scan a receipt can earn 200 points. Users can cash out their earnings through a prepaid Visa card once they reach the payout threshold of 2,000 points, equivalent to $10, showcasing the app’s earning potential.

Platform Compatibility and Support

The seamless compatibility of the Frisbee app with iOS and Android devices guarantees widespread accessibility for users. This broad platform compatibility assures that individuals using various devices can access the app, enhancing its user base and usability.

Additionally, the app offers robust support through in-app resources and email assistance, providing users with prompt solutions to any platform-related concerns they may encounter. The availability of such support channels contributes to a positive user experience, assuring users that assistance is readily accessible.

Verifying Frisbee App Legitimacy

Verifying the legitimacy of the Frisbee app involves examining key indicators such as trust scores, user ratings, and developer information to guarantee transparency and reliability for potential users.

With a positive trust score from 40 data sources and a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 8.2K users, the app appears trustworthy. Users have been able to redeem rewards like gift cards and cash back, indicating that the app delivers on its promises.

Developed by Klover Holdings, Inc., a company focused on helping users earn and save money, Frisbee app offers cash back on various purchases, making it a legitimate platform for users seeking to maximize their savings while shopping.

How to Determine the Legitimacy of Frisbee and Oops Apps?

When determining if an app is legitimate, it’s essential to research and read reviews from other users. Look for red flags like a lack of contact information or excessive permissions. If you’re wondering, “is oops app legit,” check for trustworthy reviews and official app store labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Frisbee App Real?

The Frisbee app offers real opportunities for earning rewards like gift cards. With positive reviews, multiple payment methods, and responsive customer support, the app's legitimacy is evident. The withdrawal process is smooth, enhancing user experience.

How Do You Cash Out on Frisbee?

To cash out on Frisbee, I select my reward option, meeting the minimum threshold of 2,000 points for a $10 prepaid Visa card or gift cards like Amazon. The process is simple, with no transaction fees, and reliable customer support.

What Is the Best App to Scan Receipts and Get Money Back?

When it comes to receipt rewards and cash back, the best app for money saving is Frisbee. Its efficient receipt scanning, cash rewards, and shopping rewards make it a top choice for earning through digital receipts.

What Is the Coinout App?

The Coinout app is a secure platform for receipt scanning, offering cash back and rewards for shopping. Users can easily earn money by uploading receipts from any store, and redeem their earnings for cash or gift cards through the app's digital wallet.


After conducting a thorough analysis of Frisbee App, I can confidently say that it's a legitimate platform for users to earn money by completing tasks.

The reviews and ratings are mostly positive, indicating a high level of trustworthiness. The payment process is secure and users have reported satisfactory earnings.

The app is compatible with various devices and offers solid customer support. Overall, Frisbee App appears to be a reliable option for those looking to make extra income.