Is Plannet Marketing Legit

evaluating plannet marketing company

After examining Plannet Marketing, it operates under a MLM model with InteleTravel for discounted travel services and a business opportunity. Founded by Donald Bradley and Andy Cauthen, who bring expertise in MLM and travel industries. Income is generated from sales commissions and agent recruitment bonuses, yet success may require a full-time commitment. Costs include a $200 initial fee and $60 monthly, potentially limiting consistent sales. Critical assessment of its ownership, compensation, and income potential is crucial to assess its business legitimacy. Further exploration reveals deeper insights into Plannet Marketing’s structure and viability as a business opportunity.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2015 by experienced individuals in the industry.
  • Operates through a legitimate Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business model.
  • Provides opportunities for income through selling travel services and recruiting.
  • Requires fees for membership and eligibility to earn commissions.
  • Success depends on sales, recruitment efforts, and full-time commitment.

Company Background


Founded in 2015 by Donald Don Bradley, PlanNet Marketing is a travel service company that operates through a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business model in collaboration with InteleTravel. The company provides individuals with the opportunity to access discounted travel services while also offering a business opportunity.

PlanNet Marketing allows people to earn income by selling travel-related products and recruiting others into the business. Through becoming a PlanNet Marketing travel agent, individuals can offer a range of travel services to clients. This setup creates a platform where individuals can leverage their networks to generate revenue while also enjoying the benefits of discounted travel services.

The company’s focus on combining travel with a business model offers a unique approach to the industry.

Ownership Information

Owned by Andy Cauthen and Don Bradley, PlanNet Marketing is led by two founders experienced in marketing and business, with Andy Cauthen serving as the president and CFO, and Don Bradley as the CEO. Both founders bring their expertise in network marketing to the company, having established PlanNet Marketing after successful entrepreneurial ventures. Andy Cauthen and Don Bradley have a background in leading a Travel MLM Company, showcasing their proficiency in this industry. Below is a table highlighting key ownership information:

Ownership InformationDetails
FoundersAndy Cauthen, Don Bradley
RolesPresident, CFO; CEO
ExpertiseMarketing, Business, MLM

Operational Mechanism

Operating through a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business model in collaboration with InteleTravel, PlanNet Marketing offers individuals the opportunity to earn income by selling travel products and recruiting others into the business.

As Independent Travel Agents, members can access discounted travel services and a chance to build their own travel agency business. To get started, individuals can sign up as InteleTravel Agents, requiring a one-time fee of $179.95 and a monthly fee of $39.95.

The company’s operational mechanism revolves around marketing travel products, earning commissions through sales, and expanding the team by recruiting new members. PlanNet Marketing serves as a platform for entrepreneurial-minded individuals looking to venture into the travel industry within a structured MLM business framework.

Income Generation Potential

Income potential within PlanNet Marketing is primarily driven by commissions on sales and bonuses from enlisting agents. While some representatives earn decent incomes, many struggle to make significant money. Shifting into treating PlanNet Marketing as a full-time job can increase earnings but comes with its own set of challenges. The heavy focus on recruitment and team building for income generation raises concerns about sustainability. Here is a breakdown of the income potential components:

Income SourceDescription
CommissionsEarned from sales made
BonusesReceived for enlisting agents

Understanding these elements is vital for individuals evaluating the income generation potential within PlanNet Marketing.

Cost of Joining

Joining PlanNet Marketing requires an initial payment of at least $200, along with a monthly administration fee of $60 to maintain active membership. These fees are essential to be eligible to earn commissions within the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan.

The cost structure may present a barrier for consistent product sales and could be prohibitive for some individuals. Compared to other MLM opportunities, the initial and monthly fees for newcomers may be considered relatively high.

It’s crucial to carefully contemplate these costs before committing to the business to make sure that the investment aligns with your financial goals and capabilities.

Compensation Structure

Analyzing the compensation structure of PlanNet Marketing reveals a system that primarily emphasizes commissions on sales and bonuses for agent recruitment. Representatives are required to pay a one-time fee of $179.95 along with a monthly fee of $39.95 for InteleTravel Agents.

While there’s earning potential, it’s vital, with many representatives earning a modest monthly income. Success within PlanNet Marketing often demands a full-time commitment rather than a part-time endeavor.

The compensation structure hinges heavily on sales and recruiting activities, making it essential for individuals to excel in these areas to maximize their earnings.

It’s critical for those considering involvement in PlanNet Marketing to carefully evaluate the compensation structure and assess their potential for success within this model.

Global Presence

With a global presence spanning multiple countries, PlanNet Marketing operates internationally, offering its travel services and business opportunity worldwide. PlanNet Marketing’s expansion into various markets showcases its credibility and acceptance on a global scale.

The company engages individuals globally, establishing a diverse network of members from different regions, which contributes to its international legitimacy. This presence positions PlanNet Marketing as a prominent player in the network marketing and travel business sectors.

As an Independent Travel Agent under this multi-level marketing company, individuals can tap into an extensive network and leverage the company’s established position in the marketing industry to grow their businesses on a global scale.

Legitimacy Assessment

When assessing the legitimacy of PlanNet Marketing, it is crucial to examine its foundation and operational structure to make informed decisions. PlanNet Marketing operates as a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company offering legitimate travel packages through a partnership with InteleTravel. Members have the opportunity to earn money by selling these travel packages. However, reports indicate that while the company is legitimate, the income potential for most participants is limited. This limitation is often attributed to the heavy emphasis on recruitment and team building within the business model. It is advisable for individuals considering involvement with PlanNet Marketing to conduct thorough research to fully understand the dynamics of the MLM structure and the realistic earning possibilities it offers.

Company TypeMLM – Travel Service Provider
Revenue SourceSelling Travel Packages
Earning MethodThrough Sales and Recruitment
ChallengesLimited Income Potential for Most Members

Evaluation of Trustworthiness

In evaluating the trustworthiness of PlanNet Marketing, integrity emerges as a key factor to ponder when evaluating its credibility within the MLM industry. When considering the legitimacy of an MLM company like PlanNet Marketing, several aspects come into play:

  • PlanNet Marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that allows individuals to earn money by selling travel packages.
  • The company provides real travel packages, enhancing its credibility within the industry.
  • Members have the potential to earn through the MLM structure, but success rates may vary.
  • Transparency in compensation plans and clear guidelines for members contribute to the trustworthiness of PlanNet Marketing.

:Is the concept of a food pyramid similar to the marketing tactics used by Plannet Marketing?

The concept of a food pyramid is not similar to the marketing tactics used by Plannet Marketing. The food pyramid is a guide for healthy eating, while “food pyramid marketing scam” refers to deceptive tactics in selling products. The two concepts are unrelated and serve different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Money With Plannet Marketing?

To make money with PlanNet Marketing, I focus on effective marketing strategies, sales techniques, and team building. The compensation plan offers revenue potential through customer acquisition and recruiting. It's a balance of effort and skill to succeed financially.

How Much Does It Cost to Start up Plannet Marketing?

To start up with PlanNet Marketing, the initial investment is at least $200 along with a $60 monthly administration fee. These startup expenses and financial commitment are essential for active membership and earning commissions in the business.

What Is the Inteletravel Controversy?

In the Inteletravel Controversy, concerns about their online booking system, agent training, and commission structure have arisen. Allegations suggest a lack of transparency, impacting consumer protection. The Travel Industry faces scrutiny on the sustainability of high earnings during economic downturns.

Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Network marketing is not inherently a pyramid scheme. Legal implications focus on distinguishing between the two. Compensation structure in legit companies involves product sales. Ethical concerns arise from improper practices. Success stories and training programs can combat market saturation.


To sum up, after conducting a thorough assessment of Planet Marketing, it can be concluded that the company is indeed legitimate.

With a strong operational mechanism, potential for income generation, reasonable cost of joining, and a detailed compensation structure, Planet Marketing presents itself as a trustworthy opportunity for individuals looking to enter the network marketing industry.

Its global presence and ownership information further solidify its credibility in the market.