Is Shoppers Voice Legit

shoppers voice legitimacy query

Based on the research, Shopper’s Voice offers rewards but has faced complaints about legitimacy and user experiences. Caution is advised when considering involvement.

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple warnings suggest potential scam activities.
  • Concerns raised about selling customer data.
  • Unwanted telemarketing calls reported by users.
  • 1-star rating and poor ranking among Flash Sales sites.
  • Exercise caution due to credibility and privacy risks.

Company Background and History

Shopper’s Voice, operated by Upsilon, has a 50-year history in research, specializing in outcome-based marketing strategies. Upsilon’s expertise lies in helping marketers enhance business outcomes through strategic initiatives. Shopper’s Voice, as a part of Upsilon, benefits from this rich legacy of experience and success.

The company diligently sends personalized emails annually to participants, showcasing its commitment to engaging with its audience consistently. With Upsilon’s reputable standing in the industry, Shopper’s Voice is backed by a company that prioritizes integrity and quality in all its endeavors.

This history of reliability and expertise provides participants with a sense of security and trust, knowing that they’re engaging with a legitimate and respected entity in the market research field.

Survey Participation and Rewards

With an array of rewards ranging from sweepstakes entries to tailored coupons and samples, participation in surveys with Shopper’s Voice offers a diverse set of incentives for users. Shopper’s Voice provides various rewards for survey completion, including entry into cash prize sweepstakes, personalized coupons, and product samples. The table below illustrates some of the rewards available through Shopper’s Voice surveys:

Sweepstakes EntriesChance to win cash prizes
Tailored CouponsPersonalized savings on products
Product SamplesFree samples of new products

User Feedback and Complaints

Numerous complaints and warnings have been directed towards Shopper’s Voice, raising concerns about its legitimacy and practices. Users have reported instances of being misled into providing personal information on the site, leading to worries about privacy and data security.

Additionally, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform due to receiving excessive telemarketing calls after engaging with Shopper’s Voice. Some reviewers have labeled Shopper’s Voice as a scam, citing its misleading practices and the potential risks involved in sharing personal information.

Caution is advised when engaging with the platform to avoid falling victim to these reported issues. It’s essential for users to prioritize safeguarding their personal information and being cautious while interacting with survey platforms like Shopper’s Voice.

Comparison With Other Survey Platforms

When evaluating different survey platforms, one key aspect to consider is the variety of rewards and incentives they offer to participants.

  • Shopper’s Voice provides coupons, samples, and gift cards as rewards.
  • Participants can accumulate points for engaging with emails and completing surveys.
  • Upsilon, the parent company of Shopper’s Voice, has a 50-year history in marketing.
  • Rewards from Shopper’s Voice surveys include $5 gift cards for every 5,000 points earned.

In comparison to other survey platforms, Shopper’s Voice stands out for its diverse rewards, including excellent coupons and regular sweepstakes for prepaid gift cards. This range of incentives enhances the survey-taking experience and makes Shopper’s Voice an appealing option for individuals seeking to earn rewards for sharing their opinions.

Privacy and Data Security Measures

After reviewing the rewards and incentives offered by Shopper’s Voice in comparison to other survey platforms, the discussion now turns to the critical topic of Privacy and Data Security Measures. Shoppers Voice has faced privacy concerns, with reports of customers feeling misled into providing personal information.

Complaints about receiving numerous telemarketing calls post-interaction with the site raise red flags regarding potential data security issues. Reviews caution against the platform, emphasizing the need for caution when sharing personal details due to reported privacy risks.

Instances of users being directed to irrelevant surveys suggest possible data misuse or security vulnerabilities. It’s advisable for customers to refrain from sharing unnecessary personal information on Shoppers Voice to mitigate potential privacy risks.

Transparency in Operations

In evaluating Shopper’s Voice’s transparency in operations, concerns have been raised by customers and reviewers regarding potential misleading practices and lack of clarity about the company’s workings.

  • Customers have reported being misled into providing personal information, raising questions about the platform’s transparency.
  • Multiple reviews warn about the site being a scam, highlighting the lack of clarity in its operations.
  • Concerns have been raised about the company selling customer information, further clouding the transparency of its practices.
  • Some users have flagged Shopper’s Voice as a scam, urging others to avoid engaging with the platform due to potential risks.

Customer Support and Communication

Concerns about Shopper’s Voice’s transparency in operations shift to an examination of the platform’s customer support and communication channels. Customers can reach Shopper’s Voice at 1.888.780.3869 for support and inquiries. Additionally, the website offers a contact page where users can submit questions or concerns.

Communication channels include telephone support and an online contact form, ensuring multiple avenues for reaching out. Users may also expect personalized emails from Shopper’s Voice, particularly for survey participation. Customer support is readily available to assist with survey completion and rewards.

For further assistance or inquiries, users can utilize the provided email address and expect a timely response to their concerns.

Trustworthiness and Credibility

With numerous reports of misleading practices and a low trustworthiness rating, caution is advised when considering the credibility of Shopper’s Voice.

  • Shopper’s Voice has a 1-star rating from 4 reviews, indicating low trustworthiness.
  • Customers have reported being misled into providing personal information, raising concerns about the platform’s credibility.
  • Multiple reviews warn about the site being a scam, casting doubt on its legitimacy.
  • Instances of users being redirected to irrelevant surveys suggest potential deceptive practices.

When evaluating options for engaging with platforms like Shopper’s Voice, it’s essential to prioritize safety and trust. The reported issues with trustworthiness and credibility raise red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

Final Verdict: Is Shoppers Voice Worth It?

Given the reported low trustworthiness and concerns surrounding Shopper’s Voice, evaluating its worthiness becomes a critical consideration. Shopper’s Voice has garnered a 1-star rating from a limited number of reviews and ranks poorly among Flash Sales sites.

Remarkably, there have been 0% positive reviews in the last year, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction with their experiences. Numerous warnings about potential scams associated with the site have surfaced, highlighting instances where users felt misled into providing personal information.

Additionally, there are concerns about the company selling customer data and customers receiving unwanted telemarketing calls post-interaction. In light of these red flags, exercising caution when dealing with Shopper’s Voice is advisable to mitigate the risks of falling victim to misleading practices and negative outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Shoppers Voice Work?

I share insights on how Shopper’s Voice operates. Participants complete surveys to receive rewards like coupons and samples. Surveys influence product development. They take 15 minutes and offer tailored rewards. Cash prize opportunities exist.

Who Owns Shoppers Voice?

Shoppers Voice is owned by Upsilon, a reputable research company with expertise in outcome-based marketing. They utilize personalized strategies to help marketers improve business outcomes. Participants can earn rewards for sharing information and engaging with surveys.


To sum up, based on my research and findings, Shoppers Voice appears to be a legitimate survey platform that offers rewards to participants for sharing their opinions.

While there may be some user complaints, the company’s transparency, privacy measures, and customer support efforts seem to be in place.

If you enjoy taking surveys and earning rewards, giving Shoppers Voice a try could be worth it.