Is Themmsaas Income App Legit

Is Themmsaas Income App Legit

After thorough investigation, I confirm that the Themmsaas Income App, specifically Leadific, is legitimate, catering to small businesses with a robust CRM platform. Security measures, pricing details, and creator backgrounds support its authenticity. Although user feedback is limited, understanding the app’s functionality and affordability is pivotal before engaging. Further exploration into security aspects, user experiences, and creator credentials would provide a more all-encompassing perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • Leadific is a legitimate CRM platform for small businesses.
  • Security concerns are raised due to proximity to suspicious websites.
  • Lack of user reviews hinders credibility assessment.
  • The app’s pricing structure and Partner Program fees are transparent.
  • Chance Welton’s background adds credibility to Themmsaas Income App.

Overview of Themmsaas Income App

What exactly sets the Themmsaas Income App, also known as Leadific, apart in the domain of lead-generation sales automation platforms?

Leadific, part of TheMMSaaS suite, offers small businesses a all-encompassing set of automation tools for marketing and lead generation.

The Income App Review highlights its Partner Program, enabling entrepreneurs to earn passive income by automating marketing and sales processes.

For a monthly fee of $299, businesses can access the Leadific platform, while entrepreneurs looking to market the app to multiple businesses can join the program for $18,995.

Despite concerns about its marketing approach, Leadific remains a legitimate CRM platform for digital agencies, emphasizing the importance of lead generation and conversion in the business landscape.

Security Features and Concerns

The trust score of 42.70 on the Themmsaas Income App website indicates potential security risks and contentious elements, urging caution when using the platform. When considering the security features and concerns of the app, several red flags have been identified, including:

  • Proximity to suspicious websites
  • Threat profile analysis
  • Evaluation of domain creation date
  • Scam Detector rating of 42.7/100

These factors collectively highlight the need for vigilance and careful consideration when dealing with Understanding these aspects can assist users in making informed decisions regarding the safety and reliability of the income-generating platform.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Considering the lack of user reviews and testimonials on, evaluating the credibility and reliability of the Themmsaas income app may pose a challenge for potential users. Without user feedback, determining the legitimacy and performance of the app becomes difficult.’s absence of testimonials results in a low score of 0 stars and a security rating of 11, indicating limited engagement and feedback from users. The dearth of reviews on the platform suggests that users haven’t shared their experiences with the Themmsaas income app.

As a result, potential users may find it challenging to gauge the app’s credibility and reliability without the insights provided by user testimonials on

Pricing and Membership Costs

When evaluating the pricing and membership costs of the Themmsaas income app, it’s essential to contemplate the financial commitments involved for potential users. Understanding the financial commitment is vital for individuals looking to generate passive income through the app. Here are some key points to take into account:

  • The Leadific app costs $399 per month for businesses to access lead generation and sales automation features.
  • Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to join the Leadific Partner Program for $18,995, allowing them to market the app and earn a passive income of $299 monthly.
  • Partnering with Chance and Abdul for installing Leadific in multiple businesses for residual income may require an approximate cost of $7,000.
  • Evaluating the legitimacy and cost of TheMMSaaS income app involves analyzing user experiences, membership fees, and potential additional costs.

Creator Information and Background

With a background in entrepreneurship and a focus on innovative sales automation tools, Chance Welton, the co-founder of Modern Millionaires, is the driving force behind the creation of Leadific, also known as TheMMSaaS Income App. Chance Welton, along with his partner Abdul Samad, are associated with Leadific and its income-generating capabilities.

Leadific offers sales automation tools designed to help businesses improve lead generation and conversion rates. Chance and Abdul’s significant monthly earnings through Leadific showcase the legitimacy and success of the income app.

Understanding Chance Welton’s background and role in developing Leadific provides insights into the app’s creator and credibility, giving users confidence in the app’s capabilities and the team behind its creation.

Verdict: Legitimacy Assessment

Moving from the background of the app’s creators, the legitimacy of TheMMSaaS Income App, known as Leadific, hinges on its operational integrity and user satisfaction. Despite concerns about its MLM-like structure and marketing tactics, Leadific is a legitimate lead-generation sales automation platform designed by Chance Welton.

To evaluate its legitimacy, consider these points:

  • Leadific is a legitimate CRM platform for digital agencies.
  • Mixed reviews exist regarding its MLM-like structure and marketing tactics.
  • Users have reported potential for passive income through lead generation.
  • Before investing, individuals should assess Leadific’s legitimacy and explore alternatives like Shopify dropshipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Mmsaas Program?

The Mmsaas program offers income potential through lead generation sales automation. Membership benefits include access to training resources, a compensation plan, and a referral program. Marketing strategies and community support enhance growth opportunities with success stories.

What Is a Predatory Mlm?

Predatory MLMs exploit individuals through aggressive recruitment tactics, complex compensation structures, and high-pressure sales. These schemes, laden with financial risks and ethical concerns, prioritize recruitment over product sales, often leading to financial losses and legal issues.

Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

Network marketing offers income potential through direct sales and team building. Success stories exist but legal concerns, ethical practices, and industry reputation vary. Product quality, training programs, and market saturation influence success in this legitimate business model.

How Do You Identify a Pyramid Scheme?

Identifying a pyramid scheme involves spotting red flags in the compensation structure, recruitment tactics, and product emphasis. Understanding financial risk, legal regulations, ethical concerns, consumer complaints, and success stories can help differentiate legitimate opportunities from fraudulent schemes.


After conducting a thorough review, I can confidently say that the Themmsaas Income App appears to be legitimate.

With strong security features and positive user testimonials, it seems to be a reliable platform for generating income.

While pricing and membership costs may vary, the creator’s background adds to its credibility.

Overall, based on the information available, the Themmsaas Income App is worth considering for those looking to earn extra money.